Concession Sign-Up

Varsity Sport Programs will have the opportunity to earn monies for 2019-2020 by working various Sport concession stands throughout the school year.  There will no longer be an appropriations process.  The more stands worked, the more monies earned.  For more information, please click on the link below:

Concessions- Letter to Coaches 

Concessions Payout 2019-2020 season

Varsity Head Coaches: Please click on the following links to view available dates , number of workers needed, potential earnings, and to sign up for that sport’s concession stand:


Fall Sports

Soccer (Boys)- Varsity

Soccer (Boys)- JV

Football- Varsity

Football- JV

Football- Freshman

Football- 8th Grade

Football- 7th Grade

Swim (Girls)- Varsity

Volleyball- Varsity

Volleyball- JV & Freshman

Winter Sports 

Basketball (Boys)- Varsity

Basketball (Boys)- JV

Basketball (Boys)- Freshman

Basketball (Girls)- Varsity

Basketball (Girls)- JV

Basketball (Girls)- F

Cheer- Varsity/Middle School

Poms – Varsity

Swim (Boys)- Varsity

Swim (Boys/Girls)- Middle School

Wrestling- V/JV

Spring Sports 

Track (Boys/Girls)- Varsity/JV

Track (Boys/Girls)- Middle School

Soccer (Girls)- Varsity

Soccer (Girls)- JV

Boys Lacrosse – Varsity