Blackhawks News · Brandon Spectator Guidelines for Athletic Events – 9/9/20

September 9, 2020


Greetings Blackhawks!

Here are the most recent Spectator Guidelines for attending organized athletic events:

*All spectators will be required to wear a face covering at all times while attending any organized athletic events.

SPECTATOR LIMITATIONS: Limitations on spectators are based on the school’s Phase in the MI Safe Start Plan, and updated based on Executive Order 176.
PHASE 4 (Regions 1-5, 7) –
-Each participant is allowed two guests for INDOOR sports.
-Each participant is allowed two guests for OUTDOOR sports.

Our procedures for issuing tickets to guests will be as follows, the day before a scheduled contest, the Athletic Department will issue each player on the roster two tickets.  Tickets will be in an envelope and given to the player by their coach.  Athletes and their family will decide which two guests will be attending the contest.  This will be our system for both Home and Away contests.  Only the two ticketed guests will be permitted to enter the contest facility.  Anyone without a valid ticket will not be permitted to enter.  Unfortunately, children under the age of five (5) still count as one guest and will not be admitted with two other ticket holders.   We understand that this might cause some difficult decisions within households, but the guidance is clearly written in the Executive Order if we are going to allow our students athletes to compete. Please note that some schools we compete against will be charging admission at the host facilities.  Brandon will not charge admission until we move to Phase 5 and we will not be issuing any tickets to spectators at the gate.

We do have the ability to live stream events played in BHS Main Gym and at Blackhawk Stadium.  For those who will not be able to attend in person, you can watch via the NFHS Network and our Pixellot cameras.  Go to to create your account and subscribe to watch.  We are also exploring ways to live stream at our other athletic venues.

*Side note – Brandon High School and Middle School practices will remain closed to spectators.  The two guest spectators is only for contests and competitions.

SCHEDULES – With the constant changing and fluidity of this COVID-19 pandemic, along with any changes due to weather, the best way to stay up to date with contest schedules is by using the Activity Scheduler app on your smartphone or device.  This is a live up to the minute scheduling app that instantly makes changes as they occur in our office.  The app is free on IOS and Android devices.  The logo for the app is located below.  Please check your team’s schedule daily for any changes.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Athletic Department 248-627-1827.  #WeAreBlackhawks